dimanche 7 décembre 2008


(David: lion sez: let's go to the pond and harass the rabbit.
if he's dipping in the pond with a hat, we'll ask him why he feels that our water isn't good enuf for him
and we'll beat the shit out of him
if he hasn't got a hat on, we'll ask him if he wants to pollute our water with his hair
and we'll beat the shit out of him
they go to the pond
no hat
"why haven't u got your hat on?!"
weeks pass
the rabbit recuperates a bit
lion and bear bored again
"let's go to the rabbit's house and ask for a cigarette"
"if he offers us one with a filter, we'll ask him why he treats us like kids
if he offers us one without a filter, we'll ask him if he's trying 2 kill us
either way, we'll beat the shit out of him"
so they head to the rabbit's house
the lady rabbit opens the door and sez her hubbie is sick
but they insist
so he limps to the door, bandages and all
"can you give us a cigarette?"
"sure, with or without a filter?"
"why haven't you got your hat on?!"

lundi 17 novembre 2008


We could call this
Now lets go
As if youre soliloquing

Bon arrete tes enfantillages et viens te refaire le portrait avec le Marcheur de Kaos qui t'attend assidument

Enculé perforé troue deux temps trois coups au cou
Tout refus sera pris comme une desertation lache et ignomiominieuse

To be the indue in the equation
Homeny domeny lolly cocks and einzigen lullabies

lundi 3 novembre 2008

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